Bridal Hair and Makeup | Chambers Wedding | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


It is always such a treat when a bride shares their beautiful wedding images with me. I love it even more when they have chosen a wedding photographer that captures the joy and beauty of such a special day. Mrs. C’s wedding images are nothing short of beautiful. Mrs. C was a naturally gorgeous bride, who chose the rustic Southwind Hills Barns and Estates as the venue for her fall wedding. I would describe her bridal style, as naturally elegant and relaxed, with a southern charm feel.

I hope you enjoy her gorgeous hair and makeup by yours truly, captured perfectly by Jennifer Miller  Photography. 



My wedding season this year kicked off with a trip back home to California, for a child hood friends wedding. I always love being invited to good friends weddings, but when I get asked to be a part of their wedding day to help them look their best, I think that’s an even greater honor! Rhea wasn’t like your traditional bride, but that’s what made working with her so awesome. The look and style she wanted would be best described as, a “natural enhanced version” of herself. She wanted to looked glammed up but not be unrecognizable. So we went for a very natural lip, and defined eyes, and a updo with volume and a lot of visual interest. She looked amazing! Check out some images from her wedding courtesy of Adam Allen Photography ENJOY!



Bridal Hair and Makeup by Roxanne Matammu -

Photography by Adam Allen Photography -

Location : Burlingame, CA

Ceremony: Iglesia Ni Cristo, Church of Christ

HELLO + WELCOME | Oklahoma Hair stylist and Makeup Artist


It’s been a long time coming, getting this part of my website up and I’m glad I’ve finally had the opportunity to begin blogging!

To kick off, I thought I’d tell you a little about the Stylist and Makeup Artist behind ROXANNE MATAMMU Beauty – ME! I’m not one to talk or better yet, write about myself. But as a stylist / makeup artist, I meet a variety of clients who want to know about my background, how I started, when, what I like to do more (hair or makeup) and how I ended up here in this great state of Oklahoma. It’s definitely a smart thing to do, when hiring a stylist/artist. Not only to find out credentials but to find out if I’m/we’re a good fit for the event (especially weddings) that the service will be for.

So to start! YES! I am currently a resident of the beautiful state of OKLAHOMA! Originally from Central California, I moved to Oklahoma City in the fall of 2012 after previously living in Anchorage, Alaska! Despite the crazy and sometimes unpredictable weather, I am happy to have the opportunity to live, work and raise my family here in Oklahoma!

I started my career as a hairstylist in 2003, where I worked for an AVEDA salon for a couple of years, finished a degree in Fashion Merchandising, while continuing to work in the beauty industry, freelancing. My love for hairstyling has always been #1! But as I continued to work, I realized that hairstyling for weddings and special events specifically was where my heart really lived. So, after a few years of working salons, I decided I wanted to do more weddings, and started taking makeup classes whenever the opportunity arose. Which leads me to today- specializing in hair styling and makeup artistry for weddings and special events!

Like I mentioned, hair styling has always been #1! But doing makeup has definitely made its way up there right next to hairstyling, and if you were to ask me today which I liked doing more, my answer would be, “It depends…” It depends on the day, the event and the client or project!

Other questions I often get from clients are, what are my favorite products! Hmm, that’s a tough one, but at the moment, for clients I truly love Face Atelier foundation and my Graftobian lip palette, paired with NYX lip liners. I’m also a big fan of Kett Cosmetics for airbrushing and cream foundation.

Makeup for myself, I’m a big fan of tinted moisturizers! I’ve tried AVEDA, NARS and currently use Laura Mercier! I’m a firm believer in the saying, “Less is more”! If you’ve ever worked with me before, you’ll know for a daily makeup look, I’m more than likely wearing a tinted moisturizer, a bit of concealer, mascara and a tight lined upper lash area, filled in brows and cream blush!

Hmm.. what else! I love what I do! I have this inherent desire to always help others. And throughout my high school and into my college years, I’ve always wanted to “grow up” to do something that would help others in my own way. I truly believe that what I do, is exactly what I was meant to do. As a stylist and makeup artist, I have the great responsibility of making women look their best for their big day or special event. But the greater responsibility that I feel I have is to help women FEEL and SEE the beauty they each have. And I believe the feeling of being beautiful is a feeling that can give confidence and empower women to do anything! And every woman should always feel that way. Beautiful, confident and strong!

Anyway! I hope you enjoyed and learned a bit more about me! Look forward to more blog posts work related and some personal :) Until then… feel free to browse my website and FOLLOW me on all my social media accounts!

INSTAGRAM: @hairandmakeupbyroxanne




<3 Roxanne